Call Centre Services

Lead generation is the most important aspect of any business, you do not require as much sales ability when you have sourced a highly qualified and active lead. Many direct sales organisations use direct sales style lead generation and will say it is the most important part yet it’s often the most undervalued in terms of management consideration and usually financial input.

We often see sales reps who are feed good leads more valued than the source of the generated lead. Furthermore, often those same reps will be the first to complain when they are supplied by less-than-ideal leads.

The best Call Centres are highly skilled in the practice of sales. Unfortunately, these days they are few and far between as many organisations have settled for the limited ability that call centers generally offer.

We are specialised in face to face and phone lead generation and we are happy to be tested. Our established standing amongst high performance sales organisation is a testament to our understanding of direct sales.

Our point of difference

We have field developed, real time selling experience, consistently from product to property. Direct marketing is our passion and specialty. As we derive from direct sales and not call center we start from a position of greater understanding and appreciation of adding real value to lead generation. In addition, we develop our own data as well as engaged with networks for any specialised data which helps to reduce your time and mitigates cost.


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