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When you need direct concise market lead gen and market reaction
t is still true today that people buy from people they know and trust. Most customers want to see the human behind a product. Door knocking is still a powerful tool in real estate and a significant number of fields. Though it is considered too old-fashioned, it has some vital benefits that you do not achieve from online marketing strategies such as social and general media, and email marketing.
D2D: The best sales approach is back
Door-to-door sales is still a highly effective method for acquiring new customers. More and more businesses are seeing the relevance of adding door-to-door selling to their marketing mix towards the end of the pandemic. As countries open up their economies, people have shown to be very open to social contact. This sudden change in social life creates a pleasant environment for D2D sales to thrive.
Companies currently using door-knocking in their direct marketing strategies understand that it is a powerful means of creating a customer base and increasing revenue. They use modern technology to accelerate their sales. D2D sales are more demanding, but when circumstances are right, it can be enriching. Door-to-door selling is back mainly to take advantage of the need for personal contact. It fills the gap of opportunities that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
Face to face contact builds relationship
Door-to-door selling creates authentic connections with prospects. It is easy for traveling salespeople or drummers to customize their sales pitches based on the potential customer’s tone and body language. The advantage of human-to-human interaction is that it can quickly build rapport, establish trust with the possible buyer and make them feel comfortable.
A well-trained and experienced salesperson using the door-to-door sales approach should be able to strike up conversations and meaningful discussions with potential buyers and at the same time attract their interest in the product or real estate. The success of D2D sales highly depends on your sales ability to close the deal.
As new companies continue to join the online selling world, the competition becomes fierce. Door knocking may be a less common approach to customer acquisition; it is a highly effective weapon for any company looking to stand out in a crowded market. Personal contact is still a crucial need when it comes to selling products directly to the consumer.
The face-to-face approach provides an opportunity to inform potential customers about your product or service and, at the same time, influence their decision-making process. For some companies, a 30 to 60 seconds sales pitch may not cover all the information about the product, service, or technology used. Some prospects may want to see a demo on how certain products work. Startups will require more time to educate the people about the new offerings.
COVID and D2D sales
As COVID comes to an end, people have become more open to social contact, something they may have lacked due to the lockdown measures that limit movements and interactions. As companies continue to switch from 9-to-5 jobs to working from home, traveling salespeople now have the best chance at catching their prospects at home when they knock on their doors.
Currently, there is a unique demand for communication between one human to another. Corporates are taking advantage of this opportunity to acquiring new customers and at the same time build strong, personal, and lasting business-to-consumer relationships. Adding door knocking to your marketing mix helps a lot in coming up with a superior marketing strategy.
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Landlines are being turned off, mobiles are harder to find and often considered personal space. Do not call lists, humans still prefer to deal with humans and not social media robots

When you need direct concise market lead gen and market reaction