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When you need direct concise market lead gen and market reaction

It is still true today that people buy from people they know and trust. When it comes to key farm purchaser, we still want to see who is behind a product. Face-to-face is still a powerful tool a significant number of fields. Though it is considered too old-fashioned, it has some vital benefits that you wouldn’t get from online marketing strategies such as social media, content, and email marketing.

F2F: The best sales approach is back

Face-to-face sales is still a highly effective method for acquiring new customers. More and more businesses are seeing the relevance of adding farm to farm (door-to-door) selling to their marketing mix towards the end of the pandemic. As countries open up their economies, people have shown to be very open to social contact. This sudden change in social life creates a pleasant environment for F2F sales to thrive.

We offer the following Services

  • Full Market Research & Surveys for Commercial & Political Organisations
  • Direct Sales & Business to Business Canvassing
  • Your customers will be canvassed personally by a sales Professional
  • Your customers are treated with respect with a courteous ethical friendly approach
  • This ensures you have qualified quality customers
  • Generating orders at the door
  • Appointment making /Arranging Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Advantages
  • Consider the high cost of advertising /waiting for a response
  • Choose a campaign, short term or ongoing for immediate results
  • New customers in  NO TIME !

If you want new customers either by Rural Canvassing or Market Research please contact us.