power prospecting

Home shows, tradeshows and appropriate commercial gatherings are the most successful ways of generating large amounts of qualified relationships yet many companies do not maximise the number of opportunities available. How do you come out of a moderate show with more than say, 2000 qualified leads, WE DO IT EVERY YEAR.

Home owners ENJOY THE RESPECT OF BEING SERVED AND LISTERNED TOO. If you are a regular at these events you know this all too well, so really what are we waiting for


We provide personalised canvassing with professional savvy reps who add value to your brand. We emphasize out ability to be a natural extension and representation of your business and that starts with the right personal that instantly maintain your brand consistency.

But where we are most effective is with our combination of canvassing and calling, we pride ourselves on an ability to specifically qualify and thus sustain quality as well as collect greater intelligence. Together with our data targeting we can offer clients greater qualified lead rates.

Landlines are gone by 2024, mobiles are harder to find and “Do not call lists” (DNC) are on the rise and generating effective traffic through social media is time restrictive, expensive, especially when you consider its retail, you are waiting for them to act.

We can provide cross pollination opportunities by grouping you with other appropriate clients who provide complementary products thus greatly reducing costs to all.