results capture

With this game-changing app, we can turbo-charge data creation and door-to-door performance! How? By tracking the doors knocked on, managing results & leads and receiving real-time analytics!

  • Live Location Tracker

  • Manage And Assign Territory

  • Tag Unlimited Properties

  • Search And Pull Leads Fast

  • Route Planner

  • Map Filters

  • Data build

Area and Existing client management

Even more efficient we assign pre organised routes to specific reps. Perhaps you have an existing customer database and want to upload them so that can see them on the map.

Live location tracker/ Activity Monitor / Measure results

We live manage worth ethic including active time, contact rates etc. View the areas you have the most leads in. See on a map the total number of homes knocked with specific tags in given areas. We can tag, monitor properties knocked on, set notes on specific doors so that you can come back with a strategy at a later date.

Appointment settings and call backs

When you require appointments/ Call backs, no problem we can set a date to act on a lead.

Full result downloads

Build data for future campaigns to incorporate nurture programs