Lead Generation

Strong lead generation ensures a healthy sustainable business pipeline. The efforts you put in this month determines your business performance next week. Don’t be passive, prospecting deserves the most attention. Once you understand you are in direct sales you realise you are less effected by market conditions and more by your ability to prospect.

At salesfit we have practiced and developed lead generation for 30 years. incorporating call centre, trade shows and face to face canvassing across the full range of business, residential and farming sectors.

Our point of difference

We have field developed, real time selling experience, consistently performing from product to property. Direct marketing is our passion and specialty. As we are direct based and not call center based, we start from a position of greater understanding and appreciation of adding real value to lead generation We develop our own data as well as engaged with networks for any specialised data. 

Case study example of how we view a typical sales industry ” Real Estate”

The fast version is that we specialise in building Real estate databases and lead generation; we mainly work for prominent principles of which we have recommendation on request

What makes our calling different is that we do generate a tonne of APRASIALS for appraisals sake IN OTHER WORDS People who will never sell. A lot of competitors do BUT THAT will just make you busy but not make you money.

For us active means active, our supervisor’s job every morning is to listen to every lead so we never get a phone call from a real estate principle saying “hey Chris why you calling this a lead, have you listened” an active lead to us is when the people say they are doing something not us assuming, like “hey we are looking at selling, we would like to discuss options. We have nurture lead standards where the people are around one year, 

Developing Sales Reps- Building A Team

Let’s talk plainly about recruiting and developing new sales reps and the difficulty around developing them to prospect.

How many new reps fail because they spend too much time doing things that do not generate business and thus, they run out of time before they make real money. More than that, they believe they are making progress when in reality they are just busy, but not busy making money

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If a new rep does nothing but sit on the phone for 2 weeks, it’s impossible for them not to have real business to convert to income, but instead you see them, organise their desk, work on profiles and put together some flyer material, or you send them to do any quote, even though there is little chance of success.

Our approach is to work one on one with new or even stale reps. We help them to develop their own style while utilising good basics. We role play, we can even canvass with them. The key is, if you can develop prospectors, you develop successful sales reps because you removed luck from the equation.

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