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Data Quality & Intelligence

There are several elements that either contribute or hinder the success of a campaign. The potential of each of these factors to change the outcome varies widely. One factor that can alone mean the success or failure is the quality of the data, or knowledge, available for use.

The considerations required to determine the quality of data are plentiful and often in-depth. For instance, information must be up-to-date and relevant to the campaign and industry. Sufficient protection of the data is also necessary, as the value of the data quickly diminishes when your competitors have it too. These are just some examples of many that need to be satisfied in order to run an effective campaign. In such a multi-faceted area, specialised expertise is fundamental to get the formula right. Our information management network to serve this exact purpose.

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Business intelligence is inarguably about quality over quantity which is why our solutions are tailored for specific objectives, which are uncovered through a consultative process. With this considered approach, we can plan to ensure each goal is met in the most cost-effective way. Perhaps the campaign is on-going. On a strategic level, this would suggest longer license periods with programmed updates to be the option most efficient. The client would save on re-purchasing data, therefore lowering costs and increasing the rates of return. This methodology also allows fine-tune targeting. Targeted Marketing provides an unprecedented level of control over the specific information included in your marketing leads. The benefits of which include a higher success rate for sales efforts with minimal resources wasted from working with a generic database. It can all be structured around any channel such as for a Call Centre, Direct Mail, or Personalised Communications.

Cost effective

While many suppliers provide information with the premise, they are large, we recognise the potential of a more simplified and specialised approach, generating quality leads and being more effective in reaching target markets. We take a more selected approach and do not over provide on parameters that are less useful. When you require more specialised information, our network teams can meet the challenge; meanwhile we not only enable cost savings to you but can provide more flexibility when dealing with specific requirements.

Data Protection

As equally important as having quality data, it needs to be protected from loss due to system failure or external threats. Salesfit mitigates the risk of data loss by both local and remote backup, as well as incident and disaster recovery. We also adhere to the highest privacy standards in the storage of data to keep it protected, which is especially important, as it is predominately commercially sensitive.

Partners and Compliance

Our primary Data partners include government and territory authorities as well as recognised local list brokers and networks that we hold associations with including utilising relative disclosure agreements. As per our principle license agreements and obligations, our collection, storage, verification and supply practices are subject to request-based compliance checks carried out by independent suppliers or their nominees. Our Data is fully compliant with Privacy Act 1993 (Principle 2 and 11 pertaining to source and disclosure) and is only sourced through credible and legally compliant channels.

In addition, we regularly undergo legal auditing concerning the collection, storage, and disclosure of information. Support documentation is available for clients to further ensure these standards are maintained.

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